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We are a group of highly motivated high schoolers who formed this team because of our shared interests and experiences in music and coding. Music was definitely a major part of our education, and we’ve found that it permeates everyday life. Our team decided to create Noteblast after observing the complete lack of music apps for conga. Having an app that combines the elements of a game and the playing of this instrument is especially effective.

Adelle Kang

Hello, I am Adelle Kang, currently attending Branham High School. I am leading the team for this competition and through the stages for our project. I work on outreach.

Hyunwook Choi

Hello, I’m Hyunwook Choi, a junior at Mission San Jose High School. I lead the video editing/production on Noteblast, and I work more generally on many aspects of our app. I enjoy competitive programming, FTC, and playing the clarinet.


Aminjin Battulga

Hello, I am Aminjin Battulga and a sophmore at Gunn High School. I was the team leader for the Congress App Challenge, and I am the community builder. I enjoy competitive programming, play the piano and violin, as well as sing in choir.

Jeffrey Fan

Hello, I am Jeffrey Fan, a student at Palo Alto High School. I mainly work on app design and the programming aspect of our project. Outside of app development, I also work on competitive programming and anything art related.

The Product

Noteblast is an educational game that listens to the user's playing of the conga and gives instantaneous feedback. Our app determines the quality of a note based on a neural network of previously recorded sounds, which can produce qualitative data about the accuracy of the user's playing. This can help teachers, students without the resources, and anyone wanting to improve their playing.


Currently we have finished developing concepts for the program along with primitive code. Since members of our team are not familiar with web development, we are currently working on educating our team and building the game in Javascript.


Our first presentation of our app at Silicon Valley Team Tech Talk, where we demonstrated our app with a primitive demo and another algorithm demo.


Is Noteblaster free?

Yes! Available on the internet, it is entirely free to access and play to anyone.

How can I access this app?

Through your browser on your local computer with an internet connection. Mobile support and app downloading will be supported after web development completes.

Can this app function more than a game? Can it help me tune?

Yes! In-app tuners are also going to be available so that you can tune your instrument and test your playing before jumping into the action filled game.

Does this app cover specific instruments or all music instruments?

The app covers any instrument that can create a note, including your voice!

I want to be involved; how can I support the development?

You can always help by donating to our goal of democratizing musical access for everybody and any support is always helpful. Another one is giving feedback as well as your testimony as a customer to let others know about our idea and help us adjust to our customers.

How can I contact you for feature suggestions or ideas?

You can follow us on LinkedIn or join our newsletter group.

I have a very good tuner and it works for me very well. Why should I switch?

Not all tuners are free or high quality. Moreover, not all tuners contain a game which one can enjoy and play in their free time. Furthermore, most tuners are apps that require downloading, while our tuner is accessible anywhere with internet connection.

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